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Our Mission: Your Optimum Health

The mission of our Canby Clinic team is to offer high-quality, personalized health care through a wide range of naturopathic approaches. We are dedicated to ushering our patients into a lifetime of optimum health.

Canby Clinic began treating patients on July 1, 2010, as a simple country clinic. Our practice continues to grow and serve the region as more industry-leading doctors join the team to provide state-of-the art patient care. See our Doctors page to meet our professionals.

We provide standard primary care services such as minor surgery, prescription management, laboratory and imaging diagnostics, as well as alternative modalities, addressing the root cause of disease instead of merely treating symptoms.

Our team is highly trained in advanced naturopathic therapies, including ozone injections and insufflations, IV nutrient protocols, interferential therapy, musculoskeletal diagnostics and treatment, nutrition counseling and herbal medicine—and much more. Our large selection of medicinal herbs and physician-grade supplements are well researched and approved by our doctors.  See our Treatments page to learn more about our services and products.

Always on the cutting edge, Canby Clinic is transitioning to a membership-based health care clinic. Through membership, our team provides an even higher grade of expert health care—developing long-term relationships with patients and crafting unique, evolving treatment plans. Every morning the doctors meet as a team to discuss members’ cases. Read our Membership page to learn more!

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